Retro Swimsuits Rock

Oh how I loved my Agent Provocateur bikini…it was a pre-bebe purchase that make me feel like a goddess. But now 2 years after bebe arrived the bikini has not been touched for said amount of time. I’ve checked out the ebay re-sell price and it’s good, but I still like to look at it and remember those times. So the beach is beckoning and I figure I can no longer opt for the Victorian look I’ve recently adopted (pretty much covered head to toe) as my daughter is giving me odd looks.

My 'Agent Provocateur' Bikini - summer 2010
My ‘Agent Provocateur’ Bikini – summer 2010
The Victorian beach look
The Victorian beach look

I invested a decent google session looking for the one…I know that an actual bikini is out…I really can’t go there at the moment…and feel that for a chic beach look a tasty all-in-one is the way to go. I had to get past the ‘sports’ ones (ick), the frumpy ones, the ones with hideous patterns and find ones that would enhance and flatter. I’m a huge fan of Sea Folly the Australian brand but it was my ultimate discovery of a website called For Luna, selling retro style swimsuits. It was love at first sight between me and the navy blue retro swimsuit.

The 'For Luna' Retro Swimsuit
The ‘For Luna’ Retro Swimsuit


A small parcel arrived just a few days later and inside was a pretty pouch containing my new swimsuit. And quite simply, I’ve not stopped talking about it. I love it. I never thought I could love a swimsuit. I thought it might be just too retro, too cool for the local swimming pool but no, quite simply it rocks in a way the Agent Provocateur bikini does. Yup, it makes me feel like a goddess, a post-bebe beach goddess, no mean feat. It enhances and it flatters…and it gets it’s first outing in public this weekend sur la plage. Watch out Brighton here I come.

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