Brighton beach survival guide (avec un tout-petit)

Baby G on Brighton Beach - Summer 2012
Baby G on Brighton Beach – Summer 2012

Brighton beach here we come…aka getting ready for a day out with a toddler! The beach is beckoning as the thermometer is going up. But being prepared with toddler in tow is essential to avoid meltdowns…including mum and dad. Our checklist of beach going essentials include:

  • Sun cream (and very high factor for petite one)
  • Hats (a straw hat, a liberty print sunhat, a decent cap…)
  • Towels that rock (not tatty towels that shock)…our favourites being a Marc Jacobs one picked up in Provincetown, Cape Cod for just $15 and a couple of Petit Bateau ones (that we got for free for simply being customers!)
  • Clothes to cover up in (when it gets too hot, when it gets too chilly, when you need to leave the beach…always keep your modesty please!)
  • Entertainment e.g. reading material (a good book / magazine) and a bucket and spade (yes, even with pebbles…no sandcastles here alas)
  • Plenty of cool water and plenty of food (so cool packs help here as does planning some suitable beach grub…we like simple sandwiches with lots of nibbles like carrots and cucumber which also hydrate)
  • And a handy big red straw bag picked up in a very large Carrefour in Mondeville, France for €5 to put it all in…well most of it…
  • Plus not forgetting the rather marvellous Potette Plus…a travelling potty…because when a potty training toddler needs to go, she really needs to go! Now if there was just a travelling loo…oh, what’s that you said? The sea? That means I have to actually go in and that’s another story.
Sur la plague (with the stars and stripes Marc Jacobs, Provincetown, Cape Cod, towel)
Sur la plage (with the stars and stripes Marc Jacobs, Provincetown, Cape Cod, towel)
  • P.S. I love this beach straw bag by Felix Ray…what’s not to love? A good seaside-tastic beach motif is always good fun.
Felix Ray's beach chic bag
Felix Ray’s beach chic bag

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