Going state-side for Summer Beer – Anchor Brewing

I’m usually a wine or G&T kinda gal (or champagne…but seriously), however there are times that a good beer…usually when it’s sunny…seems to call. After a quick visit to Quaff, Brighton, I discovered that this time I’d skip the Corona (always good with lime) and try some beers from the Anchor Brewing Company, based in San Francisco. Yes, the fabulous designed labels with many anchor motifs did help sway my choice (such is my addiction to anything ‘seasidy’). And I’ve now found my summer beer of choice…

Anchor Summer Beer - Cheers!
Anchor Summer Beer – Cheers!

The Anchor Summer Beer is light and flirty, but with some thoughtful seriousness behind it…like any good beer. It does seem odd buying beer brewed in the USA, when Sussex beer is pretty great (Harveys bonjour!), but sometimes it’s just nice to try something different. Once the beer is drunk there is a strong tendency in me to wash it, keep it and display…but that’s just me.

Anchor Brewing Company
Anchor Brewing Company
Anchor Brewing, San Francisco
Anchor Brewing, San Francisco

One thought on “Going state-side for Summer Beer – Anchor Brewing

  1. I have recently discovered anchor beer too! I’m a sucker for the cool labels. Tastes amazing too eh

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