Hello Kitty – C’est Chic Non? Bonjour Chat Petit

Why do the French love Hello Kitty so much?
Characters on clothing do nothing for me*. Why brand a small child with a pig or a cartoon character? Actually I have an admission to make. I’ve let ‘Hello Kitty‘ into our house and she’s being a very good house guest. My position has relaxed as seeing the big smile on my two year old daughters face when she sees anything with Hello Kitty on is worth it. I think Kitty is basically Miffy with whiskers…but we don’t see much of Miffy around unless she’s in a good book (our current favourite is Miffy at the Seaside).
Hello Kitty & Miffy
Hello Kitty & Miffy
The French adore Hello Kitty. I almost (because I know she’s Japanese) thought she might have been French as I noticed she was everywhere on a recent trip. Postcards, soft toys, bucket and spades, bubbles. You name it and Hello Kitty was on it (I’m think). Whilst I’m not sure I’ll be investing in a matching bed spread and curtain set (zut alore!), a toddler meltdown was averted with a pair of Hello Kitty pyjamas courtesy of Mothercare’s summer sale (merci). I doubt even chocolate would have had the same result so I’m rather pleased with that.
Hello Kitty en vacances à Paris
Hello Kitty en vacances à Paris
I have another admission to make (I had better get it off my chest now)…I’ve also developed a grown-up crush on the Hello Kitty and Liberty collaboration. The clever use of classic Liberty print within which hides Kitty’s face…a chic version of Where’s Wally perhaps? I’m currently eyeing up this beautiful storage luggage… (luckily available at Wigwam Toy Shop, Brighton)
Gorgeous Hello Kitty & Liberty of London 'luggage'
Gorgeous Hello Kitty & Liberty of London ‘luggage’
Where's Kitty?
Where’s Kitty?
Purfect for a grown-up sleepover?
Purfect for a grown-up sleepover?
*Actually Superman and Spiderman do not have the same affect on me as Barbie or Peppa Pig…and I think I’m warming to Disney princesses too…I think this might be a slippery path…

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