Saying ‘au revoir’ to the Mad Men chair…

Can't miss it...the Eames takes centre stage in our mews house
The Eames takes centre stage…

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman lived with us for about 7 years…that’s 7 years too long in my opinion. It moved in and we never bonded. It was big and took up space…our mews home felt even more bijou (and not bijou good). All the men were drawn to it but women rarely commented on it…or sat in it. It’s been described as the ‘Mad Men’ chair…designed in 1956. Whilst I love a bit of 50s retro styling, this just took over. I know that men who fantasise about having a Don Draper look would put this on their list of ‘must-haves’ as it is so iconic, but in the real world if you don’t wear Tom Ford suits or live somewhere with plenty of ‘floor space’ think again. Au revoir Eames.

Lounging...Eames style...


Reasons why I should have loved our Mad Men chair…

  1. The Eames lounge and ottoman was designed by Charles and Ray Eames as a gift for ‘Some Like it Hot’ film director Billy Wilder (I think that’s tres cool)
  2. It is displayed at New Yorkโ€™s Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago – making it a true furniture icon (cooler still)
Don Draper aka Mr GQ Smooth
Don Draper aka Mr GQ Smooth

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