How to be a VIP in Cesenatico, Italy

VIP treatment in Cesenatico (Sophia of Italy's most gorgeous exports)
VIP treatment in Cesenatico (Sophia Loren…one of Italy’s most gorgeous exports)

So you’ve decided to go to Cesenatico?* Splendido! So how do you get the VIP treatment and what should you do when you are there? Well you could go as a couple (lovely) or you could go as a family (even better). Italian seaside resorts are chic and utterly family friendly so however you choose to travel…you can all be treated like a movie star…

Stay: Grand Hotel Cesenatico. This is one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The red carpet to the huge front entrance, the private beach, breakfast on the terrace, exquisite food…all complemented by a team of staff that treated us all like VIPs (none more so than Little G). I wasn’t brave enough to try the pool (it was freezing!), but did swim in the warm sea and make use of the hotel’s bikes. Also the hotel hosting ‘Miss International Italy’ meant that for a few days there were real paparazzi hanging around the entrance adding to the VIP vibe (and being woken from a siesta by no less than seven Ferraris reviving outside our window).

Eat: Osteria del Gran Fritto. One night we ventured out of the hotel for dinner and chose the Osteria del Gran Fritto (Corso Garibaldi 41) which is alongside the picturesque canal. It served fresh fried fish and their special take on ‘chips’ or fried ‘crisps’. It was simple but delicious and a great spot to ‘people watch’ discretely from under the outside awning.

Drink: Oro Bianco (viale Carducci 44/47, Cesenatico). We promenaded every evening, going for an aperitif before dinner. We went here on our last night. It’s hard not to miss as there are chandeliers and antique ornaments vying for space amongst those with well-styled hair dos. It’s not cheap, but the nice little platter of sliced salami, cheese and olives that comes with every drink helps take away the sting of the price (8 euros for a G&T…though I think it was a triple!). The music was loud (it’s a bar after all), but Little G loved this and danced for most of our visit. Each seating area outside has a velvet rope to create a mini VIP effect…

People Watching: You can do this all over Cesenatico…for free. And even if you aren’t a VIP…I’m pretty sure you’ll be people watched back. This was also the place for bike watching…with all the different types of cyclists. There were the hipsters (with their ‘CREATE’ British fixie bikes of course); the chic Mammas who make a simple pair of white jeans look bellisimo! (whilst balancing two small bambinos on her bike); and the Nonno balancing a box of freshly caught fish on his handle bars. Grab a gelato and watch!

Do: Whilst there aren’t many ‘tourist attractions’ as such in the town (apart from the Maritime Museum which cleverly has part of it outside with boats floating on the canal), there’s certainly plenty to do should you choose to get up off the sunbed such as cycling (which I definitely recommend), swimming, tennis, eating, drinking and shopping. The tourist office is really helpful and they sent some great tips and suggestions before hand to make sure we made the most of our time in and around Cesenatico. Ciao Italy, until next time…

Grand Hotel Cesenatico
Grand Hotel Cesenatico
Osteria del Gran Fritta...
Osteria del Gran Fritto…
Oro Bianco...champagne bar
Oro Bianco…champagne bar
Cycling, Cesenatico style
Cycling, Cesenatico style

* I make no apologies for another blog on Cesenatico…I hope that if you do go my recommendations help or inspire you!

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