Style and substance…Chobani yoghurt arrives in Brighton!


This week in Brighton everyone is talking about…Greek-style strained yoghurt. Yes, you hear me correct (well if you’re looking around the internet and visiting Tesco and ASDA it’s true!). The great people behind Chobani, the American experts in strained yoghurt, came to Brighton and hosted an intimate event at the gorgeous Graze restaurant in Hove, introducing their delicious yoghurt range to a group of bloggers. Alas, I was double booked (typical), but I’ve been catching up by sampling Chobani’s range at home.

There is something really very satisfying about strained yoghurt. It’s thicker, creamier, and also higher in protein than unstrained. It’s also an excellent addition to your cooking repertoire (skip the crème fraîche for once and add some of this…much better for you as it’s lower in fat and has no added sugar unlike other ‘low-fat’ yoghurts around).

Chobani even has a website with a section of recipes…and I’m always looking for more inspiration (though I did add the plain version to a curry I made earlier this week and that went down very well). I am however going to have to hide the ones with fruit at the bottom…I gave plain to Little G but she decided to try my ‘Pineapple at the Bottom’ (her spoon thrust in whilst I was savouring the taste and texture and I glanced away…I had little choice it was such a swift action on her part) and she decided she much preferred that instead. I agree with her…thinking about it now is making me salivate.

So on my to-do list…is to try the Chicken and White Bean Chilli recipe…it seems a like a suitably October-like warming meal…yum, yum.

Chicken and White Bean Chilli recipe from Chobani...mmm
Chicken and White Bean Chilli recipe from Chobani…mmm (photo via Chobani website)

Where: You can find Chobani yoghurts in Brighton at ASDA Hollingbury Superstore and in Hove at Tesco on Church Road…

When in New York: Apparently there’s an actual Chobani yoghurt bar in New York on the hip Prince Street in Soho, now that sounds like a plan…anyone fancy joining me? 

5 thoughts on “Style and substance…Chobani yoghurt arrives in Brighton!

  1. Hey Vicky,

    We do indeed have a Chobani yoghurt bar in New York – you have to go and try it if you’re ever in the states! It is quite the experience ;D Oh yes our chicken and white bean chilli recipe is a great winter warmer. Well you never know what the future holds in regards to production – watch this space 😛


  2. I met the folks from Chobani at Food Blogger Connect in July, lovely yoghurt, but until yesterday hadn’t been able to find it locally. Found it in Tesco, Hove, so stocked up as my 3 year old loved the samples I bought home! Wish I could have been at the event!

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