Mamissima – Brighton’s best baby boutique?

Baby chic in Brighton
Baby chic in Brighton

You can guarantee that should the Beckhams ever visit Brighton, they would be credit cards at the ready and head to Brighton’s very own lifestyle boutique for mums and babies, Mamissima. I think I visited once a week when I was ‘in pig’ (as the Mitford sisters would have said*) and have visited regularly since for new baby gifts.

With a two year old, I’m still just about lucky enough to be able to pick out the odd outfit from their carefully selected, best picks collection. Their brands include Petit Bateau, Week-end à la mer and ILoveGorgeous. If you want Baby-chic in Brighton…then this is it. And if you want mama-chic…this is it too. A sleek selection of understated and classic knits, dresses and gorgeous underwear (a good bra-fitting service too).

The boutique is full of yummy, classic, gifts and toys (perfect for baby showers, new arrivals, birthdays) and some great special gift ideas for Dads too (I think that’s always a tough one). It’s also one of those utterly perfect boutiques that provides gift-wrapping…hence why I think men love this place too!

Gifts for little ones...
Gifts for little ones…
Yummy stylish clothes for little ones
Yummy stylish clothes for little ones

Where: Mamissima, 82 North Road. Brighton BN1 1YD (you can also visit their online boutique)

* If you’re lost on the reference to the Mitford sisters, I seriously recommend filling this cultural gap by reading about one of the most scandalous groups of women in British aristocracy. Their own letters between six sisters is a good place to start. The controversial sisters didn’t seem to agree on anything, their ideologies, politics and it’s all pretty eye-opening and addictive stuff! The Mitfords: Letters between Six Sisters (edited by Charlotte Mosely). I also love Nancy Mitford’s books…start with The Pursuit of Love

Mitford mania...go!
Mitford mania…go!

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