Love, love, love the Lavender Room…

Lavender Room, Brighton

I have to confess, it’s been a while. I used to be in here regularly…to get a fix of loveliness* and a waft of the scent that fills the air (even when you walk past). But then…I had a little one with little fingers…and let’s face it shops with loveliness are not always child friendly. I admitted this fact to the lovely lady at the Lavender Room today, who told me she heard mums do an advance warning at the door ‘we don’t touch in this shop’ before they came in. But today, I didn’t need to do that, as it was just me.

So yes, it’s been a while. I felt that for all it’s loveliness the Lavender Room had been so successful that it was stuck in a bit of a style rut. But today…I felt those first stirrings of shop pleasure once again. Gorgeous bags, jewellery, their home brand candles, home accessories, shoes, underwear and even Hush clothing (the only place to buy Hush in Brighton…and that was a fab discovery in itself today!). It felt fresh and it felt ready to be shopped in. In fact for any visitor to Brighton who likes a touch of the beautiful and quirky, then this should be on their list.

The boutique is celebrating the arrival of Autumn with a special 10% instore discount this weekend (1st – 3rd November 2013)…on clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. So no excuse needed, with or without little fingers!

Why I love, love, love the Lavender Room

  • The gift-wrapping…beautiful tissue paper and ribbon…I assure you that anyone who gets a gift from here will be like the cat that got the cream
  • So many gift options…I’m pretty sure you can find a gift for most of the women in your life (sister, niece, auntie, mum…)
  • It smells so good. If you know the Lavender Room you’ll know exactly what I mean. We once bought an old vintage chair from here and it smelt heavenly for years. Lovely.
One for me, one for you...
One for me, one for you…
Check out the Hush PJs and cute jewellery...
Check out the Hush PJs and cute jewellery…

Where: Lavender Room, 16 Bond Street, Brighton BN1 1RD (Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm)

* Thanks again to Lisa at Design Vintage for the discovery and use of the word ‘Loveliness’…I make no apology for my regular use of the word and any other related lovely words. 

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