Halloween in Brighton? My favourite tip

ET...Steven Spileberg it's your fault!
ET…Steven Spielberg it’s your fault!

I have a love / hate relationship with Halloween. I had Halloween parties when I was young and they were great fun (I can remember having just watched Grease and a room full of 11 year olds doing the hand jive…class).  But we never did ‘trick or treating’. Now living in central Brighton it seems that everyone does Halloween…and totally goes to town on it. Last year in Fiveways it was like the scene in ET (except it was dark, chilly, leafy streets here, not that orange warm glow of Elliot’s home town). So is it Steven Spielberg’s fault that with a generation growing up on ET everyone has gone mad for it?

My daughter is two and a quarter…I think she’s a little young for the whole thing. We did carve a pumpkin and I do have some sweets just in case, but we won’t be having a zombie disco chez Ville de Brighton. I do however, love the tip that came from my best school friend who visited recently from sunny Suffolk.

She told me that there the children knock for a ‘treat’ but also give back ‘treats’ if there are young children in the house.  I thought this was genius…something for the little ones who are too small to go out trick or treating…so it’s not all take, it’s give too. I like that. Brighton mamas and papas how do you do yours?

Infinity Food's pumpkin...now that takes some beating!
Infinity Food’s pumpkin…now that takes some beating!

Looking for ideas in Brighton?: Blakers Park Halloween Party, 31st October 2013 5pm – 9pm. Organised spookiness with apple bobbing, face painting, best pumpkin competition (7pm), DJ Zombie, mulled wine, hot dogs, burgers, and lantern launch (7.30 pm). Spooky!

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