The Whisky Mac – Brighton spread the word…

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I was introduced to the Whisky Mac by family friends on a cold November day-trip to Rye. It was at the Mermaid Inn, where by the fire, as a teenager, I first experienced the sweet ‘ahhh‘ that comes with those first sips (and a slight shudder too). A perfect mix of whisky and ginger wine (preferably Stone’s and usually about half and half depending your liking for sweetness). It had a profound effect on me…anaesthetising me at the same time. Wow. Winter is not complete without this tipple and when I find other Whisky Mac fans I weep with joy to find kindred spirits who know the golden secret too.

Whilst I can mix a mean Whisky Mac at home (as can my husband and Dad, hurrah!), Brighton is still lacking enough bartenders who actually know what one is. And if you tell them and they don’t stock Stone’s Ginger Wine…well, then it might be best to opt for a G&T.

I’ve had to educate a few, but I know that the team at the Bath Arms in Meeting House Lane, Brighton, know exactly how to mix one. So don’t be scared. Pop in and ask for one and grab a seat by the fire. I think they are best consumed as a late afternoon treat during the winter to keep the chill away…which I promise it will.

The Facts:

  • The invention of it, and its name, is attributed to a Colonel Macdonald, who devised it during the days of the British Raj in India.
  • Drinking Whisky Macs solves most of life’s dramas and helps you recover from some of them too.
  • It wards off colds*. At the first sign of a cold, mix one of these. You’ll thank me.
  • Don’t add ice. Many people do, but that’s not how they did it in the Raj you know.
  • Drink it slowly and drink it from the prettiest crystal glass you can find.
  • Don’t have any plans after you drink one of these…
The Bath Arms...they'll make you a mean Whisky Mac...
The Bath Arms…they’ll make you a mean Whisky Mac…

Where: The Bath Arms, 4-5 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HB 

* I have been told this is true and I believe it, but not sure it’s actual scientific fact. Try it out and let me know!

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