* relentlessly me * …a book review

Devon sky

You know when you read something and it stays with you? You walk around with it in your head when you’re making the dinner, doing the washing and trying to sleep? * relentlessly me * A memoir of an extraordinary friendship by David Hurst is one of those books. It’s the very personal story of a friendship between two men, David and Tim, who met on a beach and struck up a special friendship which spanned oceans and decades.

The book (available for kindle or download to your laptop) made me laugh and it made me cry. David’s greatest friend chooses, baffingly to those around him, to end his life. David battles with the memories, the heartache, the anger and the grief that comes with this. He also cleverly uses the ‘online’ element of the book by providing links to rock songs and to images, to illustrate the journey of his amazing friendship and of his grief. I felt I’d actually  been to some of the dingy pubs (some in Brighton so I might have) and idyllic beaches that he describes.

It also shows that in this connected world of social media, you sometimes never know what’s behind a tweet or a Facebook post. David reaches out to Tim’s friends and delves into all of his Facebook and Twitter posts. What happened? What went wrong?

Whilst the core subject is the friendship, David shows how the mundane but immensely magical life of being  a parent can take you on another busy and consuming life path. We just hope our friends who are sans bébé understand that whilst we’re not always ‘physically’ there (because we’re juggling potty training and sleepless nights) it doesn’t mean we aren’t routing for them and they can call us whenever they need us and that we too need ‘friend time’. I’m just so sad for David that Tim didn’t do that, as David and his family were definitely there for him…they still are.

Thank you David for this special read and letting me share your gorgeous photos of your life in Devon.

What: * relentlessly me * a memoir of an extraordinary friendship by David Hurst (Kindle £1.59 via Amazon)

Relentlessly Me

*relentlessly me* a memoir of an extraordinary friendship
David and his family and their ‘new’ life in Devon

2 thoughts on “* relentlessly me * …a book review

  1. I am so grateful for your lovely words Vicky. What started as solely a cathartic process for me (originally just to write a couple of feelings down on paper) has become something more, and I’ve received messages from people thanking me for helping them, others describing it as a “life-changing read”. To read your words on it is amazing. It’s a beautiful review. Brighton was a big part of our story. Although, it is still all so surreal. This is about my friend Tim. He should be here. We should be partying in Brighton once again… Life doesn’t go to plan at times. I think that’s all in here too: make the most of life, the world is constantly changing, tell the people you love that you love them – and love your life! x

    1. Hi David – thank you so much for your comment. That’s really wonderful that you’ve been able to help people. It certainly made me feel masses of loves towards my friends and friendly, showing how precious every moment is x

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