I’m dreaming of a Cocoa Loco Christmas

Cocoa Loco

Some are Cadbury’s people, some are Lindt, some are Green & Blacks…but in our house it’s Cocoa Loco all the way. If you’ve not heard of Cocoa Loco, shame on you. Sussex Food Producer of the Year? Check. Gorgeous Fairtrade AND organic chocolate by pretty fabulous people? Check (and thanks to them, I got to sample some of their Christmas selection…lucky me!).

From their ‘grown up’ dark chocolate Minty Thins (perfect for a dinner party gift?), to their cheeky ginger bread men (small ones and big ones…perfect stocking fillers!) to their mini Christmas pudding truffles for Dad…yes, a gift for Dad that’s not socks and hankies! Hurrah! And my personal favourite? The Raspberry Stars…gorgeous 73% dark chocolate sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries which gives each bite a sweet and sour kick. Fortunately my husband said he didn’t like anything with ‘fruit’ added so he didn’t try it, but I did have to hide them from my parents (sorry folks, I did, they were just too good!).

So, if you want to support a local, eco aware company, then Sussex based Cocoa Loco (run by the lovely and clever chocolatier Sarah Payne) should be your first choice. What better time to get online and visit their website than at Christmas? You can order gift boxes for far-flung friends and family, send as a ‘thank you’ or just because you are lovely…but don’t forget to order for yourself  and don’t be surprised if you end up hiding them too (I won’t tell).

Why I love Cocoa Loco:

  • They work in a place called the Chocolate Barn…I mean seriously, come on, can I get a desk there? Are there elves working there too?
  • They are pretty choosy about where you can find their small batch made chocolate…if it’s not in your Christmas stocking, you might find them via fine food delis or places like Abel and Cole, John Lewis, Oxfam and Jamie Oliver.
  • The Cocoa Loco team live, breathe, dream and sleep chocolate but it has to be 100% ethical and Fairtrade and organic all the way!
  • Most of the Cocoa Loco range is vegetarian or vegan and some are even gluten free! (the Christmas pudding truffles if you are wondering).
  • They even have a ‘box of loveliness’…sigh…and you know how I feel about that word!

Cocoa Loco Milk Chocolate Stars 'slab'...Christmas gift heaven

What: Cocoa Loco at www.cocoaloco.co.uk or find some of their selection at Infinity Foods or hiSbe in Brighton.

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