New Year hanging out at the Level and Velo café


With New Year’s Day rainy, rain, rain, today was just the right sort of day for getting out and burning off some energy at the amazing park at The Level, Brighton. You name it and this park has it. So many things to play with so children don’t have to wait long to get on to the next wobbly, jumpy, swingy thing. What’s even better is that the Velo Café is now open for business and it was doing some roaring business today. It seemed like every mum this side of the Peace Statue* had decided to meet here for coffee or lunch with kids on new scooters and skates not far behind.

It’s geared for Brighton’s cycling gang and is the perfect stop off after a big (or petit) bike ride or a hop around the park. Everything is beautifully branded and totally cycle chic, even serving Small Batch Coffee – hurrah! Cycling is shown on the TV screens and the whole experience got me excited for this year’s Tour de France (only five months to go!). We were there at lunchtime and it was packed…inside and out. But being a beautiful January day, we sat outside and had their 5 STAR Mac & Cheese…seriously food heaven. You can eat it and marvel at the whole Velo experience – probably one of the most interesting places to get a coffee in Brighton at the moment.

Blue skies above Velo at the Level
Blue skies above Velo at the Level

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 16.57.53

No, not Stonehenge...but the Level play area with a low January sun
No, not Stonehenge…but the Level play area with a low January sun

Where: Velo, Rose Walk, The Level, Brighton, BN1 4ZN

* The Peace Statue on the seafront between Brunswick Lawns and the Esplanade opposite Brunswick Terrace. Sits on the boundary between Brighton and Hove…don’t you know.

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