Our cat is famous! Book Review


We love books in our home…real books…ones you can touch with sticky fingers. When we were asked to review a new book for little ones, we were very pleased. It was even better to find out that the star of the book is a very cheeky and typically snooty black cat…just like the one that lives with us…Holly the cat!

‘Talk to the Paw – Cos the Cat’s Not Listening!’ by Loretta D’Souza and Neil Seddon is a lovely little book which pretty much sums up our cat’s attitude to life…(though it does sound like I’m describing a teenager non?)

  • She likes her own space
  • Can be rather anti-social
  • Sleeps all day and creeps about at night…and can be full of affection when you least expect it!

The book has proved a hit with Little G, because not only is the black cat in the book so like our Holly cat, but the illustrations by Ewa Poklewska are equally fun and beautiful showing a cute world of parks and bikes…in my head, a little Parisian playground. The book is aimed at 3 to 8 year olds, but the use of a sing song repetition on every page means that our 2.5 year old already joins in with the story. It would be a great gift for other feline fans! (and it’s lovely to see a cat as the star of the show, as apart from Mog I can’t think of any other literary cats, can you?).

Look Mummy it's a mouse in the cat's bed!
Look Mummy it’s a mouse in the cat’s bed!
Lovely illustrations
Lovely illustrations

Disclaimer: We were sent the book for review purposes. All opinions are that of Ville de Brighton. 

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