My blogoffice (the Snug) #portableoffice

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People are always fascinated about where I work from…for some reason they think come summer I’m sat on the beach (oh how I wish!). No, most of the time you’ll find me in the Ville de Brighton ‘Snug’…not the back of a pub as it sounds…but the back room in our house. It’s my happy room. I have prints and photos from lovely holidays to inspire me (San Sebastian, Nice, New England), plus plenty of books and nicnaks to make me smile.

I used to work at a beautiful little bureau I inherited, but I now have a little desk which is a bit more sturdy. What I love most about the ‘Snug’ is that we’ve not purchased one item of furniture in it. Everything has been inherited or found and ‘upcycled’…so it’s got a lived in feel…and some history. I’ve worked in modern sterile offices before but the only modern thing I want around me is the technology to make it happen.

When I’m not working in the Snug, you can usually find me carting my laptop around the house following the needs of that moment of the day…making breakfast (so balancing in the kitchen), watching the toddler play (so balancing on my lap in the garden).

My key tips for working from home:

  • Get into a routine…I have set times for coffee breaks and ensure I tune into BBC Radio Two’s Woman’s Hour (so radio close at hand).
  • Invest in a pair of luxury slippers…they will be your friend for life, not a pair of Louboutins (though who am I kidding, that would be great too…even just to look at).
  • Have good lighting…my desk light is my parent’s retro original angle poise…it has plenty of charm!
  • Stay warm…nothing will make you go more stale than being cold.
  • Talk to the neighbours, if you don’t do it now, you never will. No excuses!
  • Surround yourself with what inspires you…I have various prints ready to frame and go up which includes some movie prints, my favourite icons etc…
  • Get plenty of post-it notes…oh how I adore a post-it note! You name it, I scribble and post-it!
  • Get a printer that actually works. I don’t print a lot but mine always fails me when I need it.
  • Have somewhere to store your laptop away when you need to escape and come home…until you pop the tablet open (for the toddler of course).

    Shelf inspiration…a bit of The Smiths and James Dean
    Shelf inspiration…a bit of The Smiths and James Dean
I am linking this post to the Currys #PortableOffice competition. You have until midday to join in too! 

One thought on “My blogoffice (the Snug) #portableoffice

  1. You’ve got some great shelf inspiration there! Love the desk lamp too! Nearly entered this comp but we’re in the process of moving at the mo. I have no idea where anything is! I’m quite tempted to make a fort out of the boxes 😉

    Big love! Jennie xox xox

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