The week that was captured…#2 (and memories from Florence)

My second week linking up with Hannah over at Make, Do and Push! and The Week That Was: Captured! It’s been a week of sunshine, showers, meetings, cake and play dates…with the odd cold, cough and sniffle hanging around…but Spring is finally here!

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

A Week of Sunshine & Showers

1. A working day, made brighter by a magic heart appearing in my morning coffee…hello week! (Monday) // 2. A sunny walk into town for a meeting (Tuesday) // 3. ‘Mummy what’s this called?’ ‘Bark’…’but Mummy the tree isn’t woofing?’ (Wednesday) // 4. Morning sun on the seafront (Thursday) // 5. Cake making for our play date with Oscar (Thursday) // 6. Outside the Onca Gallery…walking past after a meeting and seeing the gallery rehang ready for Whalefest (Friday) // 7. A ride on the Heffalump (Saturday) // 8. Learning how bulbs become daffodils (Saturday) // 9. American style pancakes, bacon and maple syrup…made by Daddy…yummy (Sunday).

Posting about this week made me think about what I was up to last year…as I remember it very well…the weekend just before my birthday…a trip to Florence. Such happy memories…apart from being pretty ill for the most part.

Ville de Brighton

Florence, Italy – 1st-4th March 2013

1. Coffee at the Uffizi Gallery cafe // 2. Night at the Santa Croce // 3. Dinner at the amazing Zeb // 4. View over the Ponte Vecchio from our lovely Hotel Hermitage (charming and cheap!) // 5. Views along the river Arno // 6. Capturing some sunshine in the Piazza della Signoria…and feeling a bit poorly // 7. Palazzo Vecchio (the town hall)…which we climbed // 8. Me at the top of the tower looking pleased with myself…thinking when can I get my next glass of wine? // 9. The Duomo…which we also climbed…we did a lot of climbing, drinking and eating…perfecto.

Have a good week whatever you plan and wherever you are.

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