The week that was captured…#4 (with lovely friends)

Hopefully your week was as lovely as mine. It was a productive one work wise, but also lots of fun time…including a launch event and seeing two of my oldest bestest friends. My best friend from my first ‘real’ job came to visit on Thursday and I went to London on Saturday to see one of my oldest best friends from school. Seeing these two lovely ladies in one week has made me feel bursting with happy vibes. It’s great to have friends that make you feel good!

My day in London was also a chance to let my hair down and try out my new camera (see below!). The weather was stunning (though chilly) and my friend I mooched around and talked about how much London has changed since our days out as teenagers. All our old haunts seem so much more cleaner and smarter (Carnaby Street and Covent Garden are prime examples). Is it just us or didn’t London used to be ever so shabby? No complaints London, but you’ve grown up too.

TWTWC 16 March 4.jpg

The Week that was Captured (10th – 16th March 2014)

1. I appeared in ‘My Style’ on Unique & Chic’s website (Monday) // 2. The opening of Alcampo Lounge on London Road on behalf of (Tuesday) // 3. My new ice-cream necklace from Cat-a-Cake Creations (Wednesday) // 4. One of my friends came to stay and we  went to the seafront but it was so misty we couldn’t see the sea! (Thursday) // 5. Little G loved the Peppa Pig car ride on the seafront (Thursday) // 6. My birthday present finally arrived…my camera otherwise known as ‘The Smurf’…isn’t it fantastic? (Thank you husband!) (Friday) // 7. Delicious coffee at the new Tilt Coffee House, in Fiveways, Brighton (we resisted these gorgeous treats) (Friday) // 8. We all live in a Yellow Submarine! Little G at Whalefest (Sunday) // 9. Hello summer! The seafront looking and feeling just ‘fabulous darling!’ (Sunday)

My Saturday trip to London aka ‘ladies that do brunch (& champagne at Jackson & Rye, & cake at Sweet Couture!)’

TWTWC 16 March 2.jpg

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