Mr Dinosaur visits Hyde Park


Taking the toddler to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum was my choice as a birthday treat for me. Yup, lovely mummy that I am, it actually proved a hit with Little G who in a Peppa Pig inspired obsession is nuts about dinosaurs (and yes, Mr Dinosaur came too).

We arrived at South Kensington Tube Station and first had a very delicious and reasonably priced lunch at Comptoir Libanais (I can really recommend for small kids). This meant we had full tummies ready to tackle the very popular and packed Natural History Museum. First, the dinosaurs…the small animatronic ones were a success, but Little G leapt into my arms and shuddered in fear when we heard and saw the giant T-Rex! Cue a quick exit to the Mammal Room which houses the big blue whale, dolphins and elephants…my all time favourite room. I suspect on our next visit the dinosaurs won’t be so scary!

However, our favourite part of the day was actually the little playground we found behind the tennis and bowls pavilion café in Hyde Park. We walked there for a well-earned ice-cream and discovered this little gem of a park that you could only reach by walking through the café. Consequently it was very quiet…so quiet we were the only ones there!

So just us…going down the little ‘teeny-weeny’ slides as Little G referred to them…riding the beautifully carved ‘Snaky’ (and singing the Jungle Book’s ‘Trust in me’); sitting and jumping on the magic mushroom circle like fairies, and enjoying the gorgeous weather from the giant oak leaf bench. It was all gorgeously carved wood with astro turf on the ground for all weather sturdiness. We still can’t believe our luck at how magical it seemed and that the whole of London saved it just for us! A real urban oasis…if you find it too say hello to ‘Snaky’ for us!


Little G wearing her Bob & Blossom tutu…the world’s best party skirt!
Singing to Snaky!
Singing to Snaky!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

13 thoughts on “Mr Dinosaur visits Hyde Park

  1. What a lovely playground! We go to Hyde park a lot, but have never noticed it. And you are so right about Le Comptoir Libanais, it’s a nice place to have lunch, especially outside on the terrace.

  2. What treasures you have found, I’m scribbling notes now as we are hoping a trip to Hyde park later in the year. Absolutely love the tutu!

  3. What a lovely playground! It has been ages since we visited the NHM, I must make the effort to take the kids there again. Great photos.

  4. Sounds like a fab day and that park looks really lovely! What cute apparatus for the kids to clamber over. Great stuff 🙂 #countrykids xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely day and what a brilliant play-area you found! We’re thinking of taking our two to the Natural History Museum (given their recent love of dinosaurs) and we’ll be having a hunt around Hyde Park for it when we go 🙂 x

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