The week that was captured…#5 (Park Life)

TWTWC 23 March.jpg

The Week that was Captured (17th – 23rd March 2014)

1. It’s a magical time of the year when you look up and see pink candy floss…I mean, blossom (Monday) // 2. Making food beautiful…I’m enjoying pasta dishes so much more with these gorgeous new bowls (Tuesday) // 3. The Country Living Spring Fair…and blogging about crafty loveliness from Gill Flury (Wednesday) // 4. The Easter Rabbit in the window of Sara’s Sweets on Preston Drove (Thursday) // 5.6.7. & 8. We spent a lot of time in the park this week…in the very, very cold (numb fingers ahoy!); between showers and in the sunshine…chilling on the mini round-about and introducing our new little blue dinosaur from WigWam Toy Shop to the swings was a highlight (as you know we love our dinosaurs) (Saturday & Sunday) // 9. Enjoying birthday cake during Grandad and Granny Baba’s visit…after another visit to the park! (Sunday)

This week I felt like I did a lot of running around…running around parks, but also to meetings and to London and back…it’s definitely a good way to keep fit! The week included the first BritMums Brighton meet up, where I could finally put faces to blogs; a trip to the Country Living Spring Fair to drool over some home loveliness; my first meeting at Little G’s nursery as a parent representative; a girlie night (with prosecco, a movie, pizza in front of the fire!) and finally celebrating Granny Baba’s birthday with some delicious carrot cake…and now for another fun week. Hope you are feeling positive and have a good week lined up too!

A bit late in the day, but I’m linking up to Hannah’s ‘The Week that was Captured’ over on Make, Do and Push!

4 thoughts on “The week that was captured…#5 (Park Life)

    1. Ah thanks love, it’s amazing what a new haircut can do (and I was dressed for a meeting in London!). I know, time whizzed by! Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly too. Hope you’re feeling much better now x

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