Like Mother like Daughter


This is the post I wanted to call ‘My mother smells of Gin’…but she doesn’t so much anymore (and she’d probably be a little horrified…sorry Mum!). It’s just that every time I had a G&T at university I got ‘Mummy’ flashbacks…nice, warm, reminders of home (lovely). Anyway, my Mum has taught me some pretty brilliant things about life…and only one of them is that smelling of Gin is not a bad thing at all.

So in celebration of Mother’s Day…what has your Mum taught you? Here are a few of the many, many things my Mother has taught me and keeps teaching me…

  • Smelling of Gin and ‘Must de Cartier’ is not a bad thing – my Mummy always smells amazing and I too feel a little ‘undressed’ if I forget to spritz my perfume everyday.
  • Looking good, makes you feel good – I’ve never seen my Mum look anything less than fabulous. She wears her clothes well, always wears make-up and lovely jewellery…and her nails are perfectly painted too. She makes looking fabulous look very easy (but I know it’s not!).
  • The best food is made with love – something my Mum makes always tastes so much better. Why is that? Her answer is that it’s made with love. I sprinkle in lashings of love too but my spaghetti bolognese is still no where near as good as hers.
  • It’s always 6pm somewhere in the world – cheers!
  • Movies are magic, books are beautiful and art is to be embraced – from when I was a little girl my Mum always encouraged my interest in all things cultural. We watched old movies, we did the galleries and she told me great stories about her childhood in the East End with her friend Janette! We now do the book swap and share our latest cultural finds.
  • You’re never too old for cuddles – there’s nothing like a mummy (or daddy) cuddle…so Little G had better watch out!
  • Respect me and I’ll respect you – now I’m a Mum, I know what a tough job it is and to have a good relationship it’s about respecting each other and working at it (like all relationships).

I’m linking up to the NetMums ‘What my mother taught me‘. Thanks Mum for being fabulous and to all the other mums (and those sadly no longer with us), you are all amazing and we love you.


8 thoughts on “Like Mother like Daughter

  1. Such a beautiful blog!
    I remember the photograph of you parent’s ‘first date’. I always thought it was so glamorous! (And it is!!!)
    I also remember your mummy’s spaghetti bolognese, and it truly was made with love.
    Thank you for remembering the mothers who are no longer with us in person, but who will always be with us in everything we do.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thanks Kate – that’s my favourite photo…mum looking all ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ and my dad looking totally dapper with a bottle of wine in one hand…big love I’d say! I was thinking of you and your ma – she was such a special lady. Sending you lots of love and Happy Mother’s Day to you too x

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