The week that was captured…#6 (with Piranha fish!)

Hello sunshine! Yes it did rain this week, but funnily enough all my photos are of sunny days (the sun always shines in ‘Ville de Brighton’, as one friend told me!). So now, you know my secret. We did have a case of the sniffles (again) which kept us out of action and missing a few fun things, but we made a recovery to have a fun sunny Brighton weekend…including a visit to the new Rainforest Adventure at Brighton Sea Life Centre and…cocktails with one of my besties!

TWTWC 30 March.jpg

The Week that was Captured (24th – 30th March 2014)

1. We finally got the bathroom paint right…Swedish White…not Pale French Grey…which is actually mauve…a decorating fail! (Monday) // 2. Little G waiting to Skype Papi on his birthday (Tuesday) // 3. Delighted with new shoes! (Thursday) // 4. Making Auntie Amie a card to cheer her up as my nephew goes to Australia for 6 months (Friday) // 5. A girlie day…Little G’s first ride on a Carousel horse (Saturday) // 6. Delicious brunch at Lucky Beach Brighton…with some of Brighton’s friendliest staff (Saturday) // 7. A visit to Nola to check out the Sun Salt Sandals…Little G tried them on too but announced they were too big! (Saturday) // 8. Cocktails with my best birdie at Plateau…a perfect way to end a perfect day (Saturday) // 9. Mother’s Day! With a homemade card and two sunflower seeds planted up ready to grow…I also paid ‘homage’ to my mummy in the post I wanted to call ‘my mummy smells of gin!‘ (Sunday)

 And our Rainforest Adventure…

TWTWC2 30 March.jpg

The lovely people at Brighton Sea Life Centre invited us to the pre-opening of their newest attraction, the Rainforest Adventure. Children are invited to enter through the Giant Mangroves, but Little G was having none of that. Our favourite part was the fresh water turtles and terrapins. The Anaconda snake was a hit with me, but not so with Little G…likewise, once I’d explained about Piranha fish she wasn’t so keen. But I have to say that these Piranha’s in sparkly blue were quite possibly the prettiest flesh eating thing I’d ever seen! Thank you Sea Life Centre…we love our visits…see you soon.


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