The week that was captured…#7 (bunting and bows)

Another week, another party…I won’t dwell on Wednesday (nothing seemed to go right so I hit the gin!), but Thursday was one of the loveliest Mummy and Little G days ever. I love our day together after work and nursery ones. The weather was perfect so we made cookies (which our builders loved…yup, the bathroom is still not finished!) and had a dinosaur picnic. It was a real taste of summer hanging out together in the garden. We also (apart from a mega bike ride and a party), spent most of the weekend in the garden…digging and planning our new garden layout (lots of roses please).

TWTWC April 6.jpg

The Week that was Captured (31st March – 6th April 2014)

1. We made our own aquarium…out of a big banana box from our green grocers…inspired by our visit to the SeaLife Centre (Monday) // 2. ‘Look Mummy ants!’…a very long walk home from nursery (Tuesday) // 3. Taking Mr Dinosaur and Babe to nursery…which made our journey a bit quicker than normal…look at that determination! (Wednesday) // 4. I blogged about my new discovery Dainty Bow hair clips (Wednesday) // 5. Wednesday then went downhill when we learnt that we needed a new boiler…so I hit the gin! (any excuse!) // 6. Thursday was a wonderful day…I won a competition to win some gorgeous Easter bunting from the Bunting Boutique…this put a big smile on my face! I’ll be decorating for Easter next weekend // 7. We made cookies and had a dinosaur picnic…then spent 3 hours in the park! (Thursday) // 8. Went on a great bike ride under the cliffs to the Ovingdean Cliffs Cafe…had bacon sarnies then went rock pooling (Saturday) // 9. We went to Willow’s 3rd birthday party with this amazing ‘Rapunzel / Tangled’ inspired cake by her Mummy…it was delicious too!  (Sunday)

And our perfect Thursday…Mummy and Little G day…with homemade cookies and a dinosaur picnic…

TWTWC 6 April 2.jpg

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