The week that was captured…#8 (owls and newts)

This week we cracked on with some garden work…and our plan to create a path from our back door to the ‘rose garden’. We’re a long way off sipping G&T surrounded by pink roses, but we had great fun developing our dream with lots of digging and roses planted. Our trip to the garden centre was on the day they had visiting owls…so this week I’ve held and stroked (in no particular order) owls, snails, caterpillars, a newt and a bucket load of dinosaurs that came to live with us. We also lost a caterpillar up a sleeve, but doesn’t everyone?

TWTWC 13 April.jpg

The Week that was Captured (7th – 13th April 2014)

1. A rather brilliant ‘bucket full of dinosaurs’ (Monday) // 2. I blogged about retro sunnies à la Grace Kelly (Wednesday) // 3. Baking…hearts, stars, gingerbread men and ‘Heffalump’ cookies…delicious…even if we had to borrow the neighbour’s rolling pin and flour (Thursday) // 4. Art time…drawing dinosaurs (Thursday) // 5. Catching bubbles in new 99p Store gardening gloves (Friday) // 6. Having fun at the garden centre (Saturday) // 7. Holding a teeny weeny owl (Saturday) // 8. Giving caterpillars headaches…there’s a lot of these munching through the garden but the promise of butterflies is good! (Sunday) // 9. The lovely newt we found…which Mr S thought was a toy at first (Sunday)

 Also thinking of one of my besties and sending big love to her poorly Daddy. We’re thinking of you. Get well soon Papa Smurf!

'Spring Mist'
‘Spring Mist’



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “The week that was captured…#8 (owls and newts)

  1. Oh yes, I’m always losing caterpillars up my sleeve. It’s a daily battle.
    The owl is so small I didn’t notice it at first. What a lovely week you’ve had x

    1. Yes, that was the small owl…I don’t think my arm would have held up with the large owl…it was about the size of a small toddler! So glad you have caterpillar and sleeve issues too x

  2. I’d like to be friends with Little G please. I think we’d get along well with our love of dinosaurs. Newts are so cute – we always used to catch them in my grandparents garden 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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