Brighton Bike Ride…to Ovingdean Undercliff Café


When the day is a little grey it’s tempting to avoid anything too ‘out doorsy’ (for me anyway). But feeling the need for fresh air and to stretch the legs after being stuck under a desk, we opted for a family bike ride. Mr S was keen to introduce me to a bike ride he’d done with Little G a few times…and promised I’d be rewarded by bacon sandwiches…so who am I to refuse?

From our home we took the ‘squint your eyes and you could almost be in New York‘ scenic graffiti route skirting the backs of Brighton’s London Road to the seafront. I love this route. Little G loves seeing all the graffiti which is pretty amazing, plus it’s a nice safe bike route avoiding the main roads. Then we hit the front and escaped the masses, by going left towards the marina.

Past the Volks railway…which had started it’s new season that day (5th April)…round past the back of the Marina (and past ASDA which I’m sure was pumping out the smell of freshly baked Hot Cross Buns!), then the undercliff…all the way to the café and perfect bacon sandwiches. We then hit the beach for a spot of ‘rock pooling’, and headed back via the Peter Pan Playground on the front near Kemp Town. It was the perfect bike ride with a toddler. I only wish I’d worn another layer…it was a bit chillier than it looked!

April 7.jpg

April 7 2.jpg

April 7 3.jpg

April 7 4.jpg


We’re linking up with Coombe Mill and Country Kids…

  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


5 thoughts on “Brighton Bike Ride…to Ovingdean Undercliff Café

  1. That is all a well trodden route for my children. Mother in Law lives in Lewes and when we visit Brighton Pier, Marina and along the train route is always on the list. They often take scooters along as the sea front is so lovely and flat, something Cornwall is not! For the same reasons it makes a great bike ride too, well done Mr S for getting you all out there and thank you for sharing some lovely photos on Country Kids.

    1. Ah, I’m so pleased you know it. I can’t believe I’ve never done it before. We’ll be doing it again very soon, if only for the bacon sandwiches. My nephew and his family are in Cornwall at the moment, so keep lovely pics of them walking along the hilly paths along the seaside. A very different type of seafront! x

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