The week that was captured…#9 (Easter)

Ville de Brighton

Ah Easter…a chance for family time…it feels a long time since our Christmas holiday. I decided that whilst work was full on, I was going to absolutely make the most of my ‘Mummy and Little G’ time…plus Mr S has been off since Thursday. So I’ve been to London to catch up with a friend, had play dates and acted like a tourist by going on the carousels (currently my new fav hobby) and sitting on the beach with all the Londoners down for the day (but feeling smug that we’re a bike ride away from home). Ah to live by the sea…it really is the place to be (not smug at all!).

TWTWC 19 April.jpg

The Week that was Captured (14th – 20th April 2014)

1 and 2. Running around a magical private garden in London…and a visit to see my friend’s gorgeous twins (Monday) // 3. A play date with Rosie & Jacob…and holding hands with Jacob after a trip to the park (Wednesday) // 4. Easter came early! (Thursday) // 5. Making a wish at the ‘Map of Wishes’ part of the Hijack Children’s Festival (Friday) // 6. Second ride of the day on the mini ‘Brighton Belle’ train (Friday) // 7. Chilling in a Brighton deck chair (Friday) // 8. Beach life (Friday) // 9. Our Easter nests (Saturday)

And snaps from our Brighton ‘tourist’ day on Good Friday…all that was missing was fish and chips on the beach

Ville de Brighton

Ville de Brighton

Ville de Brighton

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