Visiting Piglet’s House (but where’s Pooh?)

bluebells in Ashdown forest
The upside of having Grandparents who live in Pooh Country near the 100 Acre Wood (oh okay, the Ashdown Forest in Sussex), is access to the ‘Pooh-sticks’ bridge is made easy and fun (thanks Grandparents!). The downside is that whilst we found Eeyore’s House and Piglet’s House…we didn’t find Winnie-the-Pooh or Christopher Robin’s. For an ‘almost’ 3 year old, this has been the question we’ve had since we came home ‘but where does Pooh and Christopher Robin live? Can I find their house?’. Hmm, next time darling, next time…

Probably the cutest thing about our walk…after finding Piglet’s house…were the letters to Piglet that we found. Yes, real, genuine, hand written letters by little people to Piglet, which they had placed with other little gifts inside his tree stump home. It had rained the day before so sadly they were hard to read, but one I read was about how cute his house was and could this little girl come to tea sometime? The gifts mainly involved picked wildflowers flowers put in his home, but don’t you just love the idea of that? We gave the gift of a Dandelion.  It really was heart warming and we got to see the woods at Bluebell time. Parfait!



hundred acre wood

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7 thoughts on “Visiting Piglet’s House (but where’s Pooh?)

    1. Some of the Winnie-the-Pooh films are good too. We read the book but in our ‘abridged’ version as it’s very wordy. She likes the pics though. Lovely to see you too! x

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