The week that was captured…#11 (parties and gigs)

TWTWC 11 April 1.jpg

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, plus we succumbed to horrible colds which wiped us out and put best laid plans to waste. So I didn’t post my ‘week that was captured‘ last week…though the highlight was a trip to London to the current Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern (more to follow on that!).

Work has been busy and resulted in a very exciting bit of new business which I’m thrilled about. I just need to turn on the PR magic now! My weekend was jam packed with parties, bouncy castles, cake and small children tearing around. The last party of the weekend was in Preston Park, Brighton, and involved bubbles for kids and bubbles for parents (my kinda party). It’s also been giving me lots more ideas for Little G’s 3rd birthday party in June.

The other exciting part of the weekend was Lush inviting me to their store in Brighton to a VIP secret pop up gig. So along with a group of other Brighton Bloggers we went along and listened to Dizraeli…a rather brilliant MC…I thought he was Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey all over…and I think the other girls were quite charmed by him too.

I came home with an Ickle Baby Bot bath fizz for Little G. After trying to eat it, we had fun with it fizzing away in the bath and turning it a gorgeous aqua. I think we’re going to have get some more of these for bath time treats (and to celebrate our new bathroom when it’s finally finished…it was started in February and it’s STILL not finished…working with the world’s most inept builders has been heart breaking!). I hope you’ve had a couple of lovely weeks.

TWTWC 11 May 2014.jpg

The Week that was Captured (5th – 11th May 2014)

1. Hugging her Miffy (Thursday) // 2. Making peanut butter cookies (Thursday) // 3. Best Mummy in the whole world…strawberry ice-cream for pudding (Thursday) // 4. Preparing for the weekend and a pile of pressies (Friday) // 5. A bouncy castle all to herself (Saturday) // 6. A fuzzy pic of Dizraeli from the Lush Pop Up Gig (Saturday) // 7. Rock Star soap (Saturday) // 8. The Lush Ickle Baby Bot…sleep inducing! (Saturday) // 9. Off to another party…in the park so clutching a picnic blanket (Sunday)

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3 thoughts on “The week that was captured…#11 (parties and gigs)

    1. I know, exhausting! The ickle baby bot worked on me, but not my daughter, who since the clocks have changed is very suspicious about bed when it’s still light…the only downside to summer…x

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