Mrs McMoon! Mrs McMoon!

Mrs McMoon

When you’ve been to see a little theatre production with your ‘soon to be’ three year old and they keep chanting the name of the production (and character) for the whole week after, then you know it was a winner. So one wet morning we went to see Mrs McMoon…at Komedia in Brighton. Little G met up with one her friends who was also going and they sat on the carpet together at the front.

I was slightly anxious, knowing that Little G didn’t know what to expect (this being her first interactive theatre type experience), so I didn’t know what her reaction was going to be. As it was, within the five minutes Mrs McMoon was trying to find her glasses…she stumbled around and then sat on my lap! Of course, chuckles from the parents and older ones, but I could see Little G’s startled face and lower lip start to wobble. She held it together, but quickly came over to find a safe place on my lap to watch the rest of the show.

No more lip-quivering, as this turned to smiles. The show was a perfectly timed 30 minute romp of the wonderful Mrs McMoon playing a series of roles, with a very simple yet lively and interactive story line (and yes, a bit messy too). We clapped, we sang, we shouted and even ended the experience with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Now that’s what I call a good show!

The show is aimed at 3-5 year olds (you can find Mrs McMoon on Facebook so you can find out where in the country she’s visiting next). We had a super time and Little G chanted Mrs McMoon! Mrs McMoon! for an entire week or so after the show. If Mrs McMoon comes back to Brighton, I think a second visit might be in order. Mrs McMoon! Mrs McMoon! we loved you!

1 MrsMcMoon.jpg

Main photo by Lina & Tom at Liquid Photo – Wedding & Event Photography

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