Flax Emporium of Loveliness

Flax Emporium 2.jpg

Cake and cocktails. I knew this was a good start to an invite for the summer relaunch of Flax Emporium in the North Laine, Brighton. I’ve longingly looked into the windows at the gorgeous clothes and accessories, but as I was usually peddling with the small one either to get home quickly or be somewhere else…I’ve never had the chance to stop…oh how I’ve wanted to. So I was excited about finally having a very good excuse to visit Flax Emporium.

I went along with Gaga and Little G in tow and we were welcomed with open arms, smiles, gorgeous cake and yes, ah-hem, gin cocktails. The owner Clare Bryant (with her fabulous magenta hair) has brought together a collection of designers, alongside herself, to sell fun, quirky with the right touch of vintage, clothes and fashion accessories, that seriously provide added loveliness when you need perking up (because yes, alas some days we do).

It wasn’t long before I fell in love with their range of scarves. I was drooling all over them and decided I would treat myself to a pale pink one with a blue vintage camera print all over. I’ve barely taken it off since. There was also the fun laser cut jewellery from Cat-a-Cake Creations (one of my fav and the creator of my ice-cream necklace that never stops getting compliments). I also fell in love with a cute yellow heart necklace and some really cute flirty skirts. Do pop along and check out their vintage style clothing and know that you are supporting British designers (and the British economy!) and buying local (plus, you’ll look lovely too…).

P.S. If you are lucky enough to meet Nigel the family Dachshund dog…be careful if you have a beard, ride a bike or wear wings…as he’s a little partial to barking at these categories (Little G arrived in fairy wings…as you do)

Where: Flax Emporium, 92 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ER

Flax Emporium.jpg




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