Papi meets Captain Barnacles!

A sealife centre 2.jpg

For a while now in the Ville de Brighton home, we’ve been shouting ‘there’s Papi!’ when we watch the Octonauts on Cbeebies. If you are familiar with the gentle cartoon show about sea creatures in their quest to ‘explore, rescue and protect‘ we think that Captain Barnacles has a passing resemblance to Little G’s grandfather aka Papi (probably the masterful wearing of a moustache). So, when we got invited to actually meet the Octonauts who are currently in town at SEA LIFE Brighton, it was a great chance to see how they compared face-to-face.

Captain Barnacles (who’s actually a polar bear) was surprisingly much bigger in real life (!)…so Little G was a little shy in saying hello and having her picture taken with him, but Papi met his doppelganger and they got on very well.

We last visited the aquarium a few months back to check out the new Rainforest section (a brilliant new addition and now one of my favourite parts). Interestingly on that visit Little G was very nervous of the special and rather clever children’s entrance to the Rainforest via the Giant Mangrove roots (she didn’t want to go through them like the other children but clung to me). This time however, she ran in and out with glee (you can read about that visit here on Brighton Mums). It’s amazing how a few months can make a big difference in the confidence of small children.

I loved meeting Captain Barnacles and I liked how the theme of the Octonauts carried through the exhibits quite naturally. I loved that on this visit, this was the first time we’ve ever seen the Octopuses wide awake (they’ve been asleep on every visit to date!). So it was also lovely to finally see these wonderful creatures up close and personal in the ‘Octopus Garden’ (great name).

You can meet the Octonauts at Brighton Sea Life Centre up until 8th June (check online for meet and greet timings).

P.S. When you see the cutouts of Peso and Captain Barnacles in the entrance, be very careful…I ran over to say hello to Peso who collapsed on me and it took ages to get him to stand alone again (apologies to Sea Life Brighton, I’m sure he was wonky before we arrived!).

A sealife centre.jpg

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