The week that was captured…#13 (hello family)

The last few weeks have been jam packed full of wonderful things…including my brother-in-laws wedding at the Royal Pavilion (hello gorgeous new sister-in-law); the arrival of my new nephew (hello gorgeous new nephew); my parents to visit and a trip to see my sister and family in their new home. Phew. With all this action it meant I missed last week’s ‘week that was captured‘ so here I am, back…mainly sharing our lovely visit to Spring Barn Farm, Lewes, where we helped India celebrate her third birthday (with bunnies and mini ride on tractors – hurrah!). I hope your past few weeks have been good ones for you too.


Spring Barn Farm

The week that was captured (26 May – 1 June)

1. Cat in a tutu (Monday) // 2. New shoes! My Moheda ‘Betty’ clogs…I’m in love (Friday) // 3. Gorgeous macarons from Julien Plumart…the perfect wedding favour from my brother and new sister-in-laws beautiful wedding // 4. Bouncing on the giant pillow at India’s 3rd birthday at Spring Barn Farm (Saturday) // 5.6. Meeting the animals (Saturday) // 7. Ohh a Peppa Pig Balloon (Saturday) // 8. Delighted with our new ‘found’ bike…’Mummy, my new bike is beautiful!’…it’s also a little rusty and only one break works, but we’ll see if we can fix it up (Sunday) // 9. Gardening! (Sunday)

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