The week that was captured…#15 (party time!)

Dinosaur party

Dinosaur party! Little G’s third birthday party finally happened. Probably one of the best days ever. But let’s start a few days earlier…firstly a lovely meet up with some of the Brighton Blogging Mums* on Thursday morning followed by an afternoon tea visit to Oscar’s house. On Saturday it was the Blakers Park Summer Fair, a really sweet community fair with little games, various stands and plenty of cakes. The most expensive thing was the bouncy castle (50p for 5 minutes bouncing!). We had one very happy Little G…particularly when we bumped into a couple of her nursery friends (cue lots of giggling and running around together).

And finally Sunday…the party…with of course a blog post to follow. I’m not sure who was more thrilled with the success of it…me or G? I was complimented that it was the most civilised children’s party ever…no gin required, voila! (however I think having pulled off my first children’s party with no stress and happy people all round, I deserve one…non?).

TWTWC 15 June 2014.jpg

The week that was captured 9th – 15th June 2014

1. Getting confident on the scooter…and scooting to and from nursery every day this week (Tuesday) // 2. Tea and playmate with our old neighbour Oscar…playing ‘shopping’ in his little house (Thursday) // 3. Our first strawberries (Thursday) // 4. ‘Fishing’ at the Blakers Park Summer Fair (Saturday) // 5. Celebrating World Gin Day! (Saturday) // 6. Cupcakes and dinosaur for Little G’s dinosaur picnic party (Sunday) // 7. Our crafty dino (Sunday) // 8. Decorating dinos at the party…little girl’s love stickers! (Sunday) // 9. Blowing out the 3 candles and number 3 on the cake…though actual birthday is not until 25th June (Sunday)

*The Brighton Blogging Mums meet up was a mini baby shower for Chelle. You can see their posts about their week here…Chelle’s is at Unique & Chic, Nancy’s is at Mum-Ra and the lovely Hannah whose idea the ‘The week that was captured’ originates is from is over at Make, Do and Push. Happy week everyone!

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