Who’s in the tree that shouldn’t be? A book review


Little G was given a rather gorgeous ‘lift the flaps’ book for her birthday from one of her best friends. What was even better was the fact that it was written and illustrated by her friend’s Daddy. Who’s in the tree that shouldn’t be? (written and illustrated by Craig Shuttlewood) is now known as the ‘flappy’ book in our home. We have other ‘flappy’ books, but this is the one that’s caught her imagination and she insists on having read every night before bed (though admittedly it still takes yonks for her to actually go to sleep, but that’s another story!).

The illustrations are charming…fun and bright…I think they would make great wall pictures for a child’s bedroom. There’s a host of quirky characters to spot and little ‘games’ to play along the way. The story itself is a lovely rhyming animal adventure, which Little G loves to join in with (aren’t kids memories amazing?). The only thing missing for us…the dinosaur! Little G’s obsession shows no sign of waning! However, on a plus note…so far all the flaps are still in place…as I think Little G now knows some of her other flappy book stories are ruined as without the flaps there’s no surprise!

Beautiful, well thought out books, are one of my favourite gift ideas for young children. I love giving books and also receiving them…and when they are as creative and fun as this, what a lovely way to start getting children into books for life? And my tip for finding some of the loveliest  children’s books? Head to an art gallery and check out the shop…however you might just want to keep them for yourself (or that’s just me).

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