Happy Ice Cream Month!

National Ice-cream month.jpg

Yes, really, it’s a national month of celebration…well in the USA it is…but I’m sure we won’t mind adopting that one here. Ice cream and lolly motifs are everywhere and I have to say that there’s nothing like the image of an ice cream to put a smile on my face.

I’ve totally embraced all things ‘ice cream’ and this week experienced the world’s ever best mint choc chip ice cream…okay hands up, it was actually a ‘gelato’ care of Gelato Gusto in the North Laine, Brighton. It was cold, delicious and out of this world goood. This is where my husband and little one go on their daddy and daughter trips out, so I thought I’d elbow in on the action and took Little G for our treat. Wowzers.

I was so drunk (sugar head!) on gelato that when I saw some retro style ice cream sundae glasses in a charity shop window on our way home I had to have them. I then sobered up and thought ‘what have I done?‘. My husband doesn’t want to look at them, but since the shock they’ve actually really grown on me and I shall be keeping them until we can find a sundae glass that unites us. I’ve even sneakily enjoyed some mini party rings in one of the them in a work afternoon energy slump. It made me happy…and guess what…Little G is totally loving her ice cream pudding treat…wouldn’t you?

P.S. the giant lolly modelled by myself and Princess FF (as she calls herself these days) is a bath sponge courtesy of Primarni. 

Gelato Gusto.jpg


Pink ice cream sundae glass.jpg

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