Our Birdwood Playhouse

Birdwood Playhouses.jpg

Even the name is cute…Birdwood Playhouse. We’ve been researching children’s playhouses for about a year. Little G is drawn to every playhouse and shed she sets her eyes on. Trips to garden centres are made tricky when there’s a shed on display as it’s hard to tear her away. So as her birthday beckoned and days spent in the recently ‘made over’ garden were more and more, we thought now was the perfect time.

The costs for playhouses vary dramatically. We knew wanted one that would blend in with our home ‘look’ so we were keen on a little painted wooden house. We got a quote on a little ‘hobbit’ style bespoke house (complete with a grass roof and round door) but the price was a luxury holiday (pass out pricy). When we found Birdwood Playhouses we knew immediately this was it. It’s a family run company making little playhouses from scratch in Gloucestershire.  There’s a basic design and various sizes, you can then choose extra windows, a picket fence (I know!), shutters, window boxes etc to personalise it. Then they’ll paint it a colour of your choice (we chose Cuprinol Seagrass with Country Cream for the accents and went for the smallest size which we ‘pimped’ up with a picket fence and a window box).

The downside was that it took us nearly 3 hours (over a series of evenings) to finish (we did make a few mistakes along the way as we were doing it when we were a little tired!). Little G kept saying ‘thank you, oh thank you, my house that will stay forever and ever!’ so we sincerely hope that her interest will be maintained by it. It’s already a winner with little friends that have come to play. We’ve also white washed the inside to made it brighter and put some filler in the small gaps to keep the garden wildlife out.

Yesterday, we had the perfect afternoon sitting in deck chairs, playing in the house and making ‘cakes’ with Little G’s wooden cake set for all her dollies (she’s suddenly developed a big interest in all things baby and dolly…perhaps the dinosaur days are limited?). She has her little kitchen in there too, so it’s a proper little house for her…she also makes a mean fry-up and happily makes me plenty of cups of tea (good practice I’d say!).

Birdwood Playhouse 2.jpg





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