The week that was captured…#18 (flowers)

Hove wildflowers.jpg

You know those lovely evenings when you can sit out late and still not need a cardigan? Ah, yes, those. Happy days. So this week we’ve embraced the summer and spent lots of time in the garden, relaxing in deck chairs, playing in the paddling pool and admiring the fruits of our garden…with sweet peas and roses making their appearance (and smelling so good too).

I also had a fun and much needed day in London catching up with my old school best friend and hearing about her adventures in sunny Suffolk. We also swapped insights on life inside a nursery. She works in one and as a parent representative at Little G’s nursery I was invited this week to go behind closed doors and see what really happens. I loved it. I totally surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the experience and was genuinely sad to say good-bye to the children I bonded with over my day (a write up on that experience to follow).

I didn’t do a ‘week that was captured’ last week as I had some sad news that my very special uncle and godfather had passed away. I needed some time out, but feel like he’s smiling at me with every flower that blooms. We’ll miss you Uncle Peter…you were the loveliest.

TWTWC 27 July 2014.jpg

The week that was captured 21 – 27 July 2014

1. We ate the most delicious plums from our plum tree…yum, yum! (Monday) // 2. ‘Mummy, what’s this funny car?’ appreciation for a 2CV…classic (Wednesday) // 3. Hanging out at our playhouse which I also blogged about (Thursday) // 4. Sweet peas from our garden (Friday) // 5. Brunch at Hix in Selfridges…chorizo hash which was out of this world tasty! (Saturday) // 6. Flowers outside Liberty’s…I always want to take photos when I see this! (Saturday) // 7. Champagne chats with school best friend (Saturday) // 8. Running free at picnic on Hove Lawns (with the wild flowers and sea) (Sunday) // 9. Peaches and Cream Gelato at Gelato Gusto…all the sugar required to cycle home (Sunday)

And my first ‘Generous Gardener’ rose…if only I could share the smell with you…so beautiful, a strong and delicious fragrance with old rose, musk and myrrh…old fashioned and perfect.

Generous Gardener Rose.jpg

6 thoughts on “The week that was captured…#18 (flowers)

  1. Lovely Liberty’s flowers….wonderful, beautiful Liberty! Thank you for a perfect Saturday catch up!
    K x

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