Changes – and not just the clocks!

October has definitely been a month of change – all very positive change. I won’t bore you with the details but our home routines have changed with different work patterns, our love for dinosaurs has become a love for princesses (heavens help me!), there are moves a foot and of course, the season has changed. Change can be unsettling, but I really think it’s a good thing to keep life ‘fresh’, don’t you?

So this month…

1. Film of the monthFrozen…yes, we’ve finally succumbed to the lure of Elsa…aka the Snow Queen…and yes…Little G keeps telling me what a good girl she’s been this year as she’s going to ask Father Christmas for a ‘Frozen’ dress (and yes, there’s also been a bit of warbling along to ‘Let it go’…and that’s just me).

2. Trip of the month – Copenhagen. More on that one to follow, but we had a wonderful family holiday in the Danish capital…and discovered ‘the Fairytale’ playground in Malmo…over ‘the bridge’ in Sweden…the loveliest playground I’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot to be fair).

3. Day out of the monthDrucillas! We’ve finally been. The monkeys were stinky, the adventure play area was utterly brilliant and I loved, I mean, Little G loved the ‘Hello Kitty’ secret garden. We were there all day…brilliant (and good coffee too).

4. Meal of the monthMaven in Copenhagen. We skipped the slew of Michelin starred restaurants in the city and went here, our local, set in a deconsecrated church. We sat outside on a Friday evening in October, under heaters, in ponchos and ate by candle light a fabulous rib-eye steak bearnaise and chips, with a large glass of red wine. It was one of my favourite meal experiences ever…and Little G thought the chips were world class.

5. Visit of the month – Okay, we’ve been lucky and had a number of brilliant visits this month…including my parents; my sister and her family (where we played a record breaking game of Risk over G&T and got whooped by my 10 year old nephew); and a great friend who I shared the start of my career in PR with (she now owns her own agency…go girl!)…though she did go home with concussion so it might not have been her best visit!

6. Drink of the monthWild Geese Whiskey. I kindly got invited to a whiskey and cheese tasting experience by the team at Wild Geese Whiskey. As most of my friends will know, these are two of my favourite things, so it was good to learn ‘how to nose’ whiskey and which cheeses pair nicely…precisely the kind of thing this gal needs to know of course. Wild Geese Whiskey is landing in Brighton right now, keep an eye out for it and ask for a ‘Whisky Mac‘…perfect for a nice autumn day.

7. Book of the month – ‘We are all completely beside ourselves‘ by Karen Joy Fowler. Think your family is complicated? Read this. It particularly chimed as the book starts in the past…back at University in 1996…when the Hale Bopp comet was in the sky. It took me right back to that year (one of the best for me as it was the backdrop to getting together with Mr de Ville).

P.S. ‘Things’ of the month picked at random…purely because so much has been happening and I wanted to summarise life in Ville de Brighton in a nutshell…ta-da! How’s your month been?

October 2014

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