The week that was captured…#23 (bonfires and mud)

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 13.58.06

I experienced two of my favourite things this past week…fireworks and a beautiful autumn country walk. The weather has been one minute glorious (all golden and bright) and another minute torrential rain, but we were lucky that on the sunny days we managed to have a lovely lunch catch up and window shop in Brighton with my sister-in-law (with Little G in tiara all day long) and then a weekend away to the grandparents in Sussex. Granddad made a bonfire and put on a mini firework display which kept us all entertained (before it rained again!). Then on Sunday we embraced a very muddy walk which showed us the best of the East Sussex countryside in autumn with berries, golden leaves, gushing water and bright, bright November low sunshine. We ended the walk at the suitably old fashioned Eridge train station on the Spa Valley Railway line (opened in 1868)…where apparently Downton Abbey’s recent ‘train station’ scenes were filmed. And the best thing? A delicious Sunday roast with homemade apple crumble…perfect after the walk…thank you Granny B!

TWTWC 9 Nov 2014The week that was captured 3rd – 9th November 2014

1. Lunch at Cafe Coho in Brighton (Thursday) // 2. Little G’s first sparkler…more! (Saturday) // 3. Granddad’s bonfire and fireworks show (Saturday) // 4.5. and 6. Colours of autumn (Sunday) // 7. One of the many Oast Houses we saw…this one with a witch on top! I always fancied living in an Oast House (Sunday) // 8. Fairy mushrooms (Sunday) // 9. Eridge train station (Sunday)

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