The week that was captured…#24 (moody)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 09.39.21

It wasn’t actually a moody week for anyone…just the weather. Autumn has set in and Christmas seems to get mentioned everyday (did I mention how excited I am?). I feel like we are on a countdown to the end of the year…doesn’t it feel earlier than last year? This week I went to the theatre, had a nice lunch in the lovely village of Henfield (the reason why is to follow next week), plus a great weekend in Brighton…mooching and drinking coffee at Cafe Coho and the lovely Flour Pot Bakery on Sydney Street (great for people watching) and a Sunday beach day…before the heavens opened and it threw it down…it’s been that sort of week. I hope yours was good.

TWTWC 16 Nov 2014The week that was captured 10th – 16th November 2014

1. Spotted a proper Danish ‘Christiania’ family bike in the North Laine…wish the city would embrace these for families…love them (Saturday) // 2.3. and 4. Latte at Flour Pot Bakery (Saturday), in front of ‘World Famous’ Dirty Harry vintage store, with Little G enjoying her babyccino // 5. Beach front walk on a moody Sunday // 6.7 and 8. Beach finds…cuttle fish, foamy sea and mermaid’s purse // 9. An empty play area (what a contrast to how busy it gets in the summer)…just before it rained…check out those clouds! (Sunday)

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