64 Degrees to the World’s Best Cinnamon Buns

Nordic Coffee Collective

I finally made it to 64 Degrees…or ’63 degrees’ as I told my mother-in-law excitedly (only to be corrected – she went yonks ago and raved about it). For those not in the know it’s one of Brighton’s hottest tickets for a five star food experience. And me? Well lucky old me…I have a new job…no longer working for me but with a boss…yes, a real one that makes demands…including taking lovely clients out for dinner…oh the hardship!

So yes, thanks to my new boss, I sauntered into 64 Degrees (not 63) with three colleagues to enjoy some of the best food I’ve experienced in a très long time. We had everything on the menu…a menu of four fish, four veggie and four meat dishes…which we shared to much culinary excitement.

Each dish caused a mini furore of pleasure. Seriously. The stand outs for us were the squid dish and the ‘burger’, actually pig’s cheek, trotter, baby gem and brioche. We even found room for pudding which I recall had a salted caramel element but my taste buds had gone to the moon and back and that point were at the moon so I can’t quite remember…or was that due to the prosecco and red wine? I was also impressed at the care that went into the timing and delivery of dishes…which seemed to come at just the right time (thanks Chef).

The other upside of this experience (did I mentioned that we ended up next door at Bohemia drinking cocktails?) was the world’s best cinnamon bun from the Nordic Coffee Collective for the ‘morning after’. So if 64 Degrees is on your ‘wish list’, get Nordic Coffee Collective on your ‘to do list now‘…a little slice of scandi heaven on London Road…good coffee and oh..those buns!

64 Degrees Brighton


Where: 64 Degrees Brighton, 53 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB

And the morning after: Nordic Coffee Collective, 16 York Place, Brighton (opposite St.Peters Church) 


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