Easy breezy Sussex walk – Glynde to Lewes

Glynde to Lewes

Can you imagine walking through a field of corn blowing in the breeze? An abundance of wild flowers and grass hoppers singing just to you? Beautiful views over the Sussex downs? Gliders and birds of prey silently clipping the air above you? And then a bustling little English town to explore at the end of it? Yup. It’s new to me but this has easily become my favourite walk.

Making up a picnic lunch, filling a flask of coffee and grabbing croissants on the way to the station, we then hopped on the train from Brighton’s London Road to Glynde (20 minutes). Our first stop after arriving at the quintessential English village of Glynde was the fabulous play area at the green in the heart of the village. Little G had a good run around, we had our coffee and croissants and got ready to find our first field.

Leaving the village behind, up into a field filled with wildflowers (and fairy hats), we quickly felt a world away from everyday anxieties. We headed up hills (actually Mount Caburn…doesn’t that sound grand?), through kissing gates (I love a kissing gate), said ‘hello’ to lazy looking sheep, down into the valley, along pretty paths with flowers, embracing the wonderful way walkers always greet each other…and jumped over cow pats (actually swung Little G over them which made for a fun walk). After a picnic en route, we arrived on a hill over looking Lewes, which took us down into the town for a complete change of scene. A coffee at the lovely Le Magasin (we asked for a glass of milk for Little G and they even offered to warm it for us…very sweet) and then a bit of mooching before catching the train back.

The well-earned coffee at the end of the walk at Le Magasin, Lewes
The well-earned coffee at the end of the walk at Le Magasin, Lewes

You could of course make this a circular walk as recommended by this great website with Sussex walks, but with a four year old (and me), 3.6 miles was plenty to keep it a pleasure (it took us about 1 hour 30mins which include stopping for our picnic). I’m looking forward to the next trip already…our fairy already needs a new hat.

Glynde to Lewes

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