A fairy party – turning four was magic

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Being three was all about dinosaurs (until the princess phase kicked in abruptly a few months later). Thankfully the build up to being four was all about fairies. I’m quite partial to a bit of fairy fun so when Little G requested a fairy party I was thrilled. She remembers her 3rd birthday dinosaur party so well that she wanted to have the party at home in the garden again…’just like last year Mummy, in the garden, with fairies’. So I thankfully parked the idea of hiring somewhere and agreed on the caveat that she only invite a handful of friends. She was in absolute agreement with that and having a gang of best girls from nursery, it was quite easy to focus and keep the numbers down.

Her birthday was in late June, so blessed with some sunshine we were able to transform the end of the garden into the sweetest fairy grotto that really captured Little G’s imagination. Plenty of pink netting hung up for a canopy, pink flower pom poms, twinkly butterflies dotted around the garden and lots of pink star helium balloons (which also provided a going home treat with a slice of Tinkerbell birthday cake).

The girls arrived and Little G handed out pink fairy wings and wands so everyone could dress up and ‘fly’ around (they really did look adorable!). There was also a fairy craft table in the grotto with lots of glitter glue, feathers, sticky jewels and pens to decorate party hats and to colour in fairy pictures. I think it’s always nice to have some creative, quiet space, as not all the girls wanted to flit around and hide out in the playhouse. We did do a little fairy dancing competition (with everyone a winner), but generally we left the girls to their own fairy devices. Little G also spent a lot of time hanging out in the grotto waiting for her friends to arrive and then continuing with a bit of fairy crafting long after they had gone home.

The love for fairies is still strongly here in the Ville de Brighton household. Little G’s is either dressed as one, hunting for one or has actually seen one…though of course I keep missing them. I once read an interview with a famous actress who said she had a wonderful childhood as her mother injected it with magic. I thought that was a wonderful thing and if Little G remembers her childhood with such charm, I will be mighty proud.


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