Recipe for a perfect BBQ

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Considering that this summer has been a bit of a wash out, we’ve actually managed to host quite a few BBQs – though not nearly enough and certainly none in glorious pavement melting sunshine. All of our BBQs have been a ‘don’t forget your jumper’ sort. But there’s definitely the right way and wrong way to host a BBQ. The right way was illustrated by the genial folks at ASDA and Talented Talkers who hosted a rather brilliant Brighton Bloggers ‘AsdaMEATup‘ to celebrate National Burger Day back in August.

About 30 of us got picked up from Brighton station on the cute Lemon buses (run on chip fat and smelling of it too!), and taken to a top secret venue for a Brighton BBQ house party. We were greeted with gin cocktails, Pimms and a jazz band. So not just any old BBQ. This put the bar for BBQs up very high and whilst the burger had a central role being National Burger Day and all that jazz, anyone not wanting burgers (aloha veggies!) were catered for extremely well. Alongside your classic beef burger with vintage cheddar, there was pulled pork (which is what I opted for – delicious), plus halloumi and portobello mushroom burgers (and salmon and various salads). All finished off with lashings of messy Eaton Mess.

It was a fun meet up. I loved catching up with old faces and with new ones and it was definitely the right way to host a BBQ. So based on this summer, here’s what I think makes a great BBQ:

  1. Music. I love a good soundtrack. Even better if people start dancing. That’s a win, win, win.
  2. Drinks. Have a welcome drink on hand. Prosecco is always a winner, but gin or bourbon cocktails (make mine an Old Fashioned with Woodford Reserve please) will make you look like the hostess with the mostest.
  3. Decoration. Make an effort. Even if it’s just candles that’s fine and lovely. But I love it when people put up a bit of bunting or outside lanterns or flowers on the table. Creating a warm atmosphere that make people go ‘ahhhh’ is when you know you’ve got it right.
  4. Food. BBQs aren’t all about the burger. In fact what was great about the Brighton event was even though it celebrated the burger, it gave everyone great ideas of what else rocks at a BBQ. I particularly love marinated chicken and corn on the cob on the Webber, but I also really love fish…it’s simple to do and less cleaning (as we cook it in foil). Seabass and Seabream are top quality BBQ fish options.
  5. People. Make sure your guests provide love and laughter. That’s it. Recipe for a perfect BBQ…oh and the weather? Keep an eye on the forecast, don’t stress and don’t forget to bring a jumper!



Thanks to ASDA and Talented Talkers and all the other lovely Brighton Bloggers for a top night. Also if you want to know what makes the perfect burger, pop over to Confessions of a Crummy Mummy’s blog and get more of your burger fix.







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