Seaford to Cuckmere Haven – upside down


Back in the hazy days of August (yes, I mean grey), we managed to escape the hustle and bustle of Brighton to Seaford, where we enjoyed a pretty special walk along to Cuckmere Haven to stare in awe at the Seven Sisters (those gorgeous white cliffs that spring up on the other side of the estuary at Cuckmere Haven).

It was a funny weather day…not cold, but not particularly warm, which actually meant it was perfect for a walk. We met up with Grandad R and Granny B and started our day with cinnamon buns and coffee right on the beach in Seaford. Such a cute spot with a very chilled vibe…and really the only seafront spot to do this. If you’ve been to Seaford, you’ll probably know it if coffee if your thing.

From there we marched, ambled and dawdled our way up the side of the hill to the walk, picking blackberries en-route (Grandad even picking an apple for Little G to eat which went down very well with our apple loving petite fleur). We then stopped in their favourite (secret) picnic spot, sheltered from the wind and had lunch. Then we continued down to the famous coastguard cottages at Cuckmere Haven (star of films like Atonement) and to the estuary to throw stones in the sea and find shells. Amazingly people were actually swimming there (well it was August). After a good awe-inspiring big sky, big sea, big cliffs experience, we then make our way back.

It’s a great walk and worth every step for the show stopping views. Somehow Little G even managed to ensure that her walk back was even more interesting than the cow pat jumping version on our way there, by ensuring her Daddy carried up upside down for most of the way back. As you do.


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