Starting school


We’ve done it. We’ve officially reached the school years. One week down and a gazillion to go. Little G looks absolutely edible in her school uniform. The gingham summer dresses are just adorable right now and I’m loving how pretty much 90% of mums at her school have opted for the plait and pigtail look. It just looks so cute.

The first day Little G practically ran to school, the second day was a bit slower and by Friday it was a whole lot more laid back. The feedback from her is that school is ‘good’. To have that response is just what any mama wants to hear. Although I’m wise enough to know that it’s still early, early days and we haven’t even done a full week yet (only half days so far). Yet, to have got to this stage without any obvious issues and for her to have seemingly come on leaps and bounds in independence in one week already, is a bonus.

Right now, rather than stressing about what could happen (have you read Queen Bees and Wannabees?!), I’m focusing on the little things like being on time, arriving at school with hair that looks relatively neat (both of us), remembering to bring water and remembering pick up times…oh and it’s only six weeks until half-term!


2 thoughts on “Starting school

  1. Ah love it! Glad it’s been a smooth start…my little loves have just gone into Y2 & Y4…so high school is looming!! K x

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