Book corner + review

Book corner

This little girl loves to read. There are a lot of things that Little G is loving since starting school, but learning her phonics and starting to read is one of the most exciting.  As she has started to spend more time hanging out in her bedroom and playing, I thought now was the perfect time to create her own little reading corner, a cute place to curl up with a book.

So with a little shifting of furniture, a pink canopy net from her fairy party, some cool cushions and a furry little rug, we have created a magical little space for her in the corner of her bedroom. I’ve also upcycled a wine box, painting it white and adding some pale pink triangles (for a bit of scandi style). Alongside her other book shelves, this box is now filled with some easily accessible books for perusing.

Little G is loving this space so much that she has even slept in it! It’s just wonderful seeing her go into here with a book and listening to her ‘read’. I’m amazed how far she’s come in only a few short months at school.

We’ve recently been reading a couple of wonderful new books by local artist and illustrator Craig ShuttlewoodTrace the Trail: Around the World’ and ‘Trace the Trail: Through the Town’. Really fun, cute, beautifully drawn books, that I think would appeal to very young through to curious older children, as there’s simply so much to see.

The illustrations are charming and quirky. From space men to elephants, there’s a lot to see and the added extra of these two new books is the tactile line to trace with your finger. I really love ‘Through the Town’…it actually feels a lot like Brighton…ice-creams and the big wheel? I’ve reviewed one of Craig’s books before and was really excited to see his books in the Brighton Jubilee Library shop. It’s great to see a local author’s on display, well done Jubilee Library. Oh and these books have even been translated…how cool is that? Bonne lecture!

Book corner

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